Spend time learning technologies that have been around for awhile

And the longer a technology has been around (and is still being actively used) the more important it is to understand it.

Sometimes I think there is a general fear that devoting too much time in learning something that has been around for awhile could be wasted time the minute a cutting-edge technology claims to replace it.

However, we should remember that the cutting-edge technology has not stood the test of time. It may well fail.

Also, there is a reason the cutting-edge technology exists. The creator(s) of it had to already understand the old school tech. that it is replacing. A thorough understanding of that technology provides a context within which the cutting-edge technology can be understood in terms of motivation/intention, which is precisely the context within which a decision can be made as to whether or not the new tech. is the real deal/should be adopted/etc.

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